Roam if you want to: Scavenger hunt invites exploration of Spokane history

For those who would like to dig deeper into Spokane’s history and attractions, Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt is an option.

“What separates our scavenger hunts from the average scavenger hunt is that we take you to some places only locals would know,” Let’s Roam spokesperson Jordan Stella said by phone from Chicago. “We’re about getting you up close and personal with objects and interesting places. We want you to connect with the local environment with our hunts. We also want to make it fun and challenging. We’ll give you photo challenges and video challenges, along with a bunch of puzzles and clues. We do killer research to make all of this happen.”

Those who embark on the Let’s Roam scavenger hunt will visit the Holley-Mason building, Old City Hall, the Lincoln statue, the Davenport, the Fox Theater and the Bing Crosby Theater.

“We take you on a little loop of a tour along the riverfront and into downtown,” Stella said. “You’re hitting sights that can’t be missed, like the Davenport and some of the more obscure sights. We want you to learn and have fun.”

Let’s Roam, which started seven years ago, is in 600 cities.

“The only continent we’re not in is Antarctica,” Stella said. “We dig deep thanks to our staff of full-time travel guides and travel experts. Thanks to our staff and our vision, we plan to double the amount of destinations we’re in over the next year. There is such a demand since people are traveling more than ever after being in lockdown for so long.”

Let’s Roam’s app offers an unlimited exploration option.

“So if you’re from Spokane and you travel quite a bit, you can explore your city but also find out quite a bit about other cities when you’re on the road if you sign on with the unlimited,” Stella said. “What we offer is a fun way to learn about cities. The coolest feedback we’ve gotten is from people who took the scavenger hunt in their own city. We hear things like, ‘I drove past that statue in my city for years and I never knew what it was about until I took your tour.’ The amazing thing is how surprised you will be learning about things in your own backyard.”