Rant & Rave: Seattle-area residents lend a helping hand during winter weather | Seattle Times

WEATHER Rave to the handful of people who shoveled and tended a path on their sidewalk during those snowy and freezing cold days. Scold the majority of people for ignoring snow and ice and the challenge of walking on slippery and dangerous sidewalks. Please do your civic duty and keep your sidewalks free of snow, ice, etc.

RAVE To all the people who work so hard to clear snow from the roads and protect them for the drivers. The Seattle Department of Transportation had many crews working 12-hour shifts while the rest of us were at home enjoying the holidays and playing in the snow. These hardworking women and men missed the holidays with their families and spent long hours working for the safety of the public. Thank you SDOT, the Washington State Department of Transportation, and all of the small towns that are working hard to make our main roads passable.

RANT to Public Health – Seattle & King County for handling coronavirus test sites during the holidays. Yes it’s cold out there, yes it’s the holidays, but if you want to get a grip on this virus you have to stop changing the rules. Are you only open by appointment? Or do walk-ins? It seems to change from hour to hour. We can’t keep up. Good grief!

RAVE to the couple with their baby who stopped to help when I slipped and fell on the ice across the street from the Seattle Aquarium. I was knocked unconscious. They covered me with the infant’s blanket (Dad put his coat on the infant) and stayed with my wife until Medic One arrived and didn’t leave until the doctors examined me and made sure I was okay. I think I thanked them but wanted them to know how amazing they are. My head is fine, but my back hurts a little. Thanks very much!

RAVE to the checker at Kirkland Costco last week! When she asked why my friend was buying huge amounts of tortellini, sausage and marinara, she replied that we buy so much every month to cook dinner for The Sophia Way homeless shelters. The lovely lady took out her own credit card and paid $ 50 for our ingredients. Heartwarming!

RAVE On New Year’s Eve, I went to the emergency room at UW Medical Center – Northwest with a broken leg after a sled accident. I was in a lot of pain and could barely hold it together. The emergency room was pretty full and there weren’t many rooms available. A nice couple I spoke to insisted that the sisters see me in front of them next. That was so considerate of you and your generosity allowed me to be treated quickly. Thanks also to the Northwest hospital staff for being so kind to me every step of the way.