Progressive Jiu-Jitsu Dominates Divisions at Spokane AKA Spring Open | Sports

On March 26, 2022, athletes from Progressive Jiu-Jitsu in Orofino, Idaho dominated their competition in Spokane, bringing home 12 gold, one silver, and three bronze medals.

“We are very proud of our team,” says head coach Alan Larson. “They work hard at every practice, and it definitely shows in competition!”

Newcomers Emma Clements and Rhett Roberts both won gold in no-gi and bronze in gi in their very first tournament. Emma won six of her seven matches, five by submission. Rhett also won six of his seven matches.

Lilly Clements won gold in no-gi. Luke DaFoe, in his second tournament, fought up a weight division and won bronze in gi. Savannah Clements won gold in gi and silver in no-gi.

The additional four competitors all achieved double gold medals. In spectacular fashion, Lizzy Clements, Landon Clements, RJ Clements, and Rylee Chaffee all won every single match in both their gi and no-gi divisions with submissions.

Eight competitors had submissions in under 24 seconds. Submission times: Rhett Roberts, Landon Clements, and RJ Clements, 13 seconds. Emma Clements, 14 seconds. Lilly Clements, 15 seconds. Lizzy Clements, 22 seconds. Savannah Clements, 23 seconds. Rylee Chafee, 24 seconds.

Join our team of champions! Tues, Wed, Thurs 6-7:30 pm, 160 Johnson Ave, Orofino, ID. 208-827-1128 or 208-827-4949 for more information.