President’s sister visits Seattle, promotes new book – ` 7 News Seattle

SEATTLE — President Joe Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, visited Seattle to promote her first book.

It is a memoir about the values ​​motivating her family.

Biden Owens’ book is called “Growing up Biden.”

She said it is all about the bonds her family formed from motivational values ​​taught by her parents, who said “failure is unavoidable, but not getting up from it is unforgivable.”

The book also talks about their catholic roots and how they shaped their outlook on compassion and community.

Biden Owens quipped it was not easy raising her older brother, who is three years her senior.

She has been an adviser to the president for a lot of their adult lives and said he is her best friend.

She hopes people will realize that her family is humble and very relatable and see that they handle things with humor.

“The best thing from the book, for me, is that if you picked up the book and read it, any part of it and you put it down, and if you could say gosh, that’s me! That’s, that’s my mom. If you can see yourself in some part of the book, for me, the author – that would make me feel like I had been successful,” Biden Owens told ` 7.

Biden Owens was one of the first women in US history to manage a Senate campaign.

She also ran her brother’s campaign for county council in Delaware in 1970.

` 7 was told that the book is already a New York Times bestseller.