Portland Winterhawks at Everett Silvertips: Preview and chat

What: The Portland Winterhawks compete against the Everett Silvertips in the preseason of the Western Hockey League.

When: Sunday, September 12th, 4 p.m.

Where: Angel of the Winds Arena, Everett, Washington.

No audio or video streaming of this game.


  • The box score.
  • The game’s chat thread.

The players in bold below are those who played on Friday.

It was a good result for the Winterhawks on Friday. They played a line-up in Seattle that was pretty representative of the team they’ll have in the regular season, and they treated them pretty well 5-1. As you can see below, Portland’s lineup was missing many players to count on during the season, including possibly their top four defenders and three or four top strikers. Robbie Fromm-Delorme, no center, got 40% of her faceoffs. The Winterhawks had a huge advantage in goal with Dante Giannuzzi playing 40 minutes and that could have made a huge difference as it sounded like the Thunderbirds had some dubious goalkeepers. You can’t make too much of it, but there is at least some optimism about Portland’s depth.

19th 11-Robbie Fromm-Delorme (144)
18-Tyson Kozak (90)
24-set Jarvis (159)
71-Cross Hanas (138)
18th 9-Aidan Litke (10)
13-James Stefan (55)
16-gift classes (49)
21-Jonah Bevington (14)
67-Dawson Pasternak (0)
92-Jack O’Brien (61)
17th 17-hatch schelter (6)
19-Kyle Chyzowski (20)
72-Marcus Nguyen (16)
16 20-Aiden-Sotas (0)
28 Josh Riflescopes (0)

Pasternak had one goal and two assists; Chyzowski had a goal and an assist.

20th 2-Kade Nolan (110)
27-Jonas Brøndberg (70)
58-tone Hanus (195)
19th 23-Kurtis Smythe (53)
18th 6-Ryan McCleary (18)
44-Brody Big One (8)
17th 8-Josh Mori (0)
26-Marek Alscher (0)
43-Ryder Thompson (14)
73-Luca Cagnoli (10)
16 14-Rhett Ravndahl (0)
59-Carter Sotheran (0)

All eight defenders who have made their way have a lot to contend with, either for a place in the top four or even for a place on the team. That the only gate they allowed Seattle to be understaffed speaks for them all.

19th 31-Dante Giannuzzi (33)
18th 70 holes Gordon (0)

Players in italics played on Friday; Players in bold were playing on Saturday.

With a fairly consistent line-up, we split two games this weekend. They beat Spokane 2-0 on Friday behind two-point games from Alex Swetlikoff and Ben Hemmerling and a 27-saving shutout from Koen MacInnes. On Saturday they are 4-0 against the Tri-City Americans, as the Ams just before and after the 2nd Everett had 32 shots, including a 13-4 in the 3rd period, but was able to beat the Czech goalkeeper Tomas Suchanek.

They have lost a lot of veterans and are expected to end up further down, aside from their past where they found good seasons under similar circumstances.

20th 18-Hunter Campbell (170)
90-Alex Swetlikoff (111)
19th 11-Jacob Wright (72)
15-Ryan Hofer (22)
17-Jackson Berezowski (159)
18th 22-Brendan Hunchak (14)
29-Vince Lamanna (0)
58-Jack Lambert (4)
88-Niko Huuhtanen (0)
17th 9-Ben Hemmerling (22)
10-Beau Courtney (0)
14-Austin rust (23)
19-Matthew Ng (5)
16 7-Kyan Grouette (0)
13-Roan Woodward (0)

Swetlikoff is from Kelowna, where he played 3 seasons last season and had 15 points in 15 games.

20th 26-Jonny Lambos (126)
19th 8-Ronan Seeley (148)
21-Dylan Anderson (80)
44-Aidan Sutter (63)
18th 3-Brady Van Herk (3)
6-Ty Gibson (17)
48-Olen Zellweger (70)
17th 4-Dexter Whittle (0)
16 5-Eric Jamieson (0)
12-Logan Greenough (0)

Lambos hails from Brandon to add to the already decent experience among their defenders.

20th 30-Roman Basran (120)
19th 35-Koen MacInnes (31)
18th 40-Braden Holt (10)
17th 31-Evan May (1)

And MacInnes, who had the shutout on Friday, comes from Saskatoon in exchange for local kid Brendan Lee. He had a save percentage of 0.912 in 7 games with the blades earlier this year. The fact that they also brought Basran into play suggests that they don’t think their goalkeepers are sorted out.

Another game that is very rare these days and that we all have to keep track of by updating the box score.

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