Passenger who disrupted flight from Hawaii to Seattle charged with federal crimes | USAO-WDWA

Seattle – A state grand jury in Seattle this week filed an indictment against Ryan Cajimat, 21, of Kapolei, Hawaii, for his disruptive and violent behavior on December 24, 2020 on a flight from Honolulu to Seattle. Cajimat is due to appear on November 18, 2021 for indictment.

According to the records and public reports filed in the case, Cajimat was on a Delta Airlines flight from Honolulu to Seattle when he became disruptive. About two hours before landing in Seattle, Cajimat tried to open the cockpit door and struggled with flight attendants who tried to hold him back. A flight attendant was slapped twice in the face. Cajimat was held for the remainder of the flight and removed from the plane upon arrival in Seattle.

The Federal Aviation Administration fined $ 52,500. Delta Airlines forbade him further travel with this airline.

Cajimat is charged with disturbing flight crew members and attendants and assaulting flight crew members within a specific United States aircraft jurisdiction. Interference can result in up to 20 years in prison and a fine of US $ 250,000. Attacking an airplane can result in up to a year in prison and a fine of $ 100,000.

The allegations contained in the indictment are only allegations. A person is considered innocent unless proven beyond doubt in a court of law.

The case has been investigated by the FBI. The case is being followed up by US Assistant Attorney Natalie Walton-Anderson.

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