Meet The Owner – The Little Gym

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Britt Stermer (l) and Char Richenburg (r) are co-owners of The Little Gym in Everett.

On February 5th The Little Gym in Everett, Washington will celebrate 20 years in business. I had a chance to sit down this week with the two co-owners who both began as teenagers working there before becoming business partners and buying the franchise rights.

Char Richenburg started working at The Little Gym in 2004, Britt Stermer started in 2005. “Our partnership makes it work,” said Char. “Plus, it’s a community, our members are like family.”

The Little Gym is a franchise and the Everett location has been at the same spot (7207 Evergreen Way) since 2003.

What attracted both to working at The Little Gym in their teens was working with kids and teaching gymnastics. Char told me it soon became about more than the gymnastics.

“To see the kids building up confidence, their social confidence was so rewarding,” she said. “This is such a positive environment.”

The Little Gym offers classes for kids from as young as four months to 12 years old. Char says the younger the kids start, the quicker they develop. Core strengthening, their back, their grip.

During the pandemic The Little Gym had to close from March – June of 2020 and then opened with a much smaller number of kids allowed.

Like many other small business owners we’ve talked to, getting employees has been a challenge. Britt said, “It’s hard work and very physical with lifting kids up and down but it’s so rewarding.”

Both pointed out how half of their current team members used to come to The Little Gym as children attending classes. They are currently looking for more staff.

You can learn more and schedule a visit here on the website and get an overview of the programs, classes and activities they offer.

Again. Congratulations to Char and Britt on their transition from employees to owners and the celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Little Gym in Everett on February 5th.