Man convicted of killing 2 Kissimmee police officers to be sentenced Friday

The man convicted of murdering two Kissimmee police officers nearly five years ago returns to the courtroom Friday to learn if he’ll be sentenced to death for his crimes.

Everett Miller is set to be sentenced for the deaths of Officer Matthew Baxter and Sergeant Sam Howard. A jury recommended the death penalty, but the defense has argued that Miller, a former Marine, deserves life in prison.

In 2017, Officer Baxter approached some men known for drug activity. Sgt. Howard was there as backup. Police say Miller shot the two officers in the back of their heads, then flipped them over and posed them before shooting them in their faces.

Last fall, Sadia Baxter struggled to hold back tears as she read what she prepared for the judge and her husband’s killer to hear.

Man convicted of killing 2 Kissimmee police officers to be sentenced

A judge will decide the fate of a man convicted of shooting and killing two Kissimmee police officers in 2017.

“One of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life is forgive someone who has not apologized, who is not sorry for their actions. As a mother, I refuse and I will not raise my girls to harbor hate in their hearts .”

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Sadia Baxter, who is also in law enforcement, is left to raise three young girls and a stepdaughter without their father.

Miller’s sentencing is scheduled for 2 pm on Friday.