LaMonica Wins Re-Election to SC After Maintaining His 3-Vote Lead in Recount – Everett Independent

Joseph LaMonica, the current member of the Ward 2 Everett School Committee, retained his lead of three votes over candidate Margaret Cornelio for the final at-large seat in a November 2nd city election recount and will be in for his seventh term in January return the committee.

The recount took place at Everett High School. It took electoral officers and counters about eight hours to meticulously complete the list of all votes cast in the city-wide re-election. Election Director Danielle Pietrantonio was in attendance, overseeing the narrative effort, which was carried out at several individual tables in the Everett High Cafeteria.

The two candidates, Margaret Cornelio and Joseph LaMonica, are pictured at Everett High School’s recount on Sunday.

LaMonica received 2,514 votes in the election, while Cornelio received 2,511 votes. While some ballots were contested in the recount, LaMonica again emerged with this exact majority of three votes and was officially declared the winner.

The incumbent At-Large members Cynthia Sarnie (3,016 votes) and Samantha Lambert (2,602) had the first and third At-Large seats in the field of six candidates.

LaMonica, 51, said he was “very happy” to be re-elected to the school committee. He praised the Electoral Department for their accuracy and professionalism in conducting the election and recount.

“The first thing I said was that I’m glad the electoral authority got it right in their count,” said LaMonica. “People say some negative things about elections and ballot counting, but our town has proven that elections are done right, and I’m happy with that.”

LaMonica is a longtime and popular youth sports volunteer and past president of the Everett Huskies Pop Warner Organization who worked with Everett Eagles Pop Warner President Brian Diamond to bring about the merger of the two youth football and cheerleading organizations. The new organization, which consistently produces championship soccer and cheerleading teams, operates under the umbrella of Crimson Tide Pop Warner. LaMonica served as Vice President of Crimson Tide Pop Warner for eight years and his wife, Joanne LaMonica, is a dedicated life director.

Her son, Matthew LaMonica, was a second running back for this year’s Everett High School football team. Another son, Joseph LaMonica, has just graduated from Nichols College while her son Gianni, a 2020 Everett High graduate, will be attending UMass / Lowell in the spring semester. Her daughter, Haley LaMonica, is a graduate of the University of New England and serves as Somerville City Animal Welfare Officer.

LaMonica is proud of a lifelong Everett legacy. “I live over on Lawrence Street and I was born in Whidden Hospital,” said LaMonica.

LaMonica is in his sixth term as a member of the school committee. As of January, he will be the longest-serving member of the committee with the most senior years of service. He will have the honor of opening the first meeting of the newly elected committee.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is a member of the school committee, while the six community representatives on the 10-person board elected on November 2nd are Millie Cardello (District 1), Jason Marcus (District 2),

Jeanne Christiano (District 3), Michael Mangan (District 4), Marcony Almeida Barros (District 5) and Michael McLaughlin (District 6). Sarnie, Lambert and LaMonica return as the three big members.

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