Kirby Loren Jones | State

Kirby Loren Jones went home to be with Jesus on April 22nd, 2022. He was preceded in death by his father-in-law Walt, his brother Sparky, his son Kevin and his grandson Jacob.

He is survived by his wife Louan of 48 years; his sons Craig, Keith, and Chris; his daughters-in-law Hilary, Amy, Stephanie, Becky, and Heidi; his 17 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; his mother Mickey; his father Larry and stepmother Sue; his siblings Cari (Ernie), Devon (Michael), Rand and Nena (John); his mother-in-law Dorothy; his brother-in-law John (Sue); sister-in-law Marie (Dave); his many nephews and nieces.

Kirby was born in Vancouver, Washington on January 10th, 1955, as the oldest son of Larry and Mickie. He served as Pastor at Fort Shaw Baptist Church in Fort Shaw, Montana from November 2004 to March 2021.

Being raised on the farm, he revealed his passion for animals, equipment, and mechanics at an early age, which he pursued throughout his life. Being the second in line of six siblings, he was the fun-loving brother having a whimsical demeanor with them. His siblings enjoyed time together, finding ways to enrich each other’s lives even into adulthood.

He married his high school sweetheart, who couldn’t resist those brown eyes. And together, they grew into a couple that learned how to deeply love and care for each other, which spilled over into the lives of the people near them.

They raised four boys who, unknown to them, would help them refine their capacity for the ministry. He showed his boys his enjoyment of the farm by giving them many learning opportunities with animals and projects around their place.

He was involved in many sports and church activities with them. Most importantly, he taught them about Jesus.

Kirby had a vast knowledge of many passions he explored and shared with us, including being a farmer, mechanic, coach, athlete, bicyclist, mentor, boater, pastor, woodworker, teacher, and aficionado of funny jokes.

Imagine yourself trying to locate Kirby on a day during his life. In the morning, you will find him reading his Bible. You might look for him in the barn tending to the animals, then try out in the garden or in the garage wrenching on a vehicle. Search for him down at the church where he would be serving, or maybe he is out helping someone with a need. Then try the wood shop where he is making sawdust, or you may have passed him on the road riding his motorcycle with Louan.

He could be at the lake with the boat, or it’s also possible he’s out visiting someone. But if it’s the end of the day, he’s in the living room holding the hand of the love of his life. No matter where you find him, he would be demonstrating his greatest passion which is his relationship with Jesus.

We will deeply miss Kirby and the impact he had on our lives. As he portrayed in the way he lived his life, he would encourage us to seek Jesus for healing and rest in the midst of our sorrow.

A Celebration of Life was held for Kirby Loren Jones on May 28, 2022.