Judicial Behavioral Commission charges judges

VANCOUVER, Washington (AP) – The Washington Commission on Judicial Conduct announced that it has filed an indictment against former Clark County District Court judge Darvin Zimmerman.

The commission found a likely reason Zimmerman allegedly violated the code of conduct when he was caught by courtroom cameras in March disparaging a black man who was fatally shot by the Clark County’s deputies last year, as well as his father reported the Colombian.

The commission said Zimmerman violated the Code “by making comments on a controversial incident and related impending cases that displayed racial prejudice, indicated a lack of impartiality and implied that he had a personal channel of communication with the department of Sheriffs in relation to pending cases ”. and threatening cases. “

Zimmerman has 21 days to respond to the allegations. If he does not do this, according to the indictment, this will be regarded as an admission of the allegations.

His lawyer was unavailable for comment on Friday evening.

After criticism and calls for resignation, Zimmerman retired on June 30th. He temporarily resigned in March after reporting his comments to the commission himself. His son is a deputy sheriff and a member of the interagency drug task force that tried to arrest Kevin Peterson Jr., who was shot in 2020.