‘It’s horrifying, you don’t have any control’: South Hill residents still dealing with icy roads, cars sliding |

SPOKANE, Wash. – Neighbors on the South Hill are dealing with a dangerous commute, as one specific intersection just behind the hospital district is covered in a sheet of ice.

“I don’t want to have to see anybody stuck,” Carrie McGlohan said. “It’s scary, it’s horrifying, you don’t have any control.”

McGlohon has lived on the Lower South Hill with her boyfriend for over a year; this is their second winter in Spokane. From their apartment, the two can hear the battle against the ice on the road behind their complex.

“We hear a lot of everything, we can hear all of the revving, all of the engines sputtering, day and night, anytime of day,” McGlohon said.

After Saturday’s fresh snowcasemixed with the single digit temperatures all weekend, roads across the region have seen their fair share of ice. specifically, the intersection of West Seventh Avenue and South Lincoln Street has been a big problem area for those who live in the area or are just passing through.

“In those specific neighborhood areas, if there is a problem, we don’t always know about it unless someone lets us know,” City of Spokane Spokesperson Kirstin Davis said.

Davis said the city will always prioritize the main arterials and secondary routes when conducting winter maintenance. Meaning, if your neighborhood street needs clearing, Davis said calling 311 is your best bet at receiving help from the city.

McGlohon feels that no matter what, the streets behind her home need to be treated.

“It’s a steep hill, so I think it definitely needs to be taken care of,” Carrie McGlohon said.