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JUTA DEAR: I jumpstarted your car in Super 1 parking lot, months ago. Then I lost your phone #. Please contact me, Ellie, 509-624-9295. xox

THANX: Thank you to the good-looking older woman who gave a ride to my kitty and me as we were on the way to the vet in Mead. I often think of your kindness. Again, thank you.

SAFEST BIKE STORAGE EVER: Kudos to the merry prankster(s) who placed a bicycle on top of an old bridge pier about 20 feet high in the middle of the Spokane River next to the Sandifur footbridge in People’s Park. Pray tell, how did you do this?

SHOUT-OUT TO THOSE STRUGGLING AT HOLIDAYS: This time of year even the most stoic and cynical feel the heartstrings pulled. We all have a lot of memories. If you’re feeling lonely or alone, just know other people are thinking of you and sending love and warmth your way. We don’t get to choose our families. Sometimes this makes it difficult to make friends. If you reach out for Friendsgiving to those missing family passed away or far from home or those without for whatever reason, thank you. This is a great time for reflection and building community. It’s a time to share. You can share sadness, joy, cheer, love, friendship and, hey, even being annoyed as well as laughter. We’re all in this together as human beings. Sending out a virtual hug to those in need. Let’s make this Inlander section and Spokane reflect the holiday human spirit. All the best, Mrs Claus.

CRIME CHECK HOORAY: Thank you, Crime Check, for helping me when I wasn’t sure if it was fireworks or a gun going off in our neighborhood last week. Much better response & the gentleman was friendly.

WOW 2 CRIME CHECK: Hey, Crime Check, I don’t know if you read the Inlander or if your managers did, but this time when our apartment complex had prowlers in the parking lot, you sent a rolling police unit. Thanks — it sure scared the crap out of them. MUCH BETTER THANKS.

AMERICAN VOTERS: Cheers to the American voters that wouldn’t let the Trumpanzees completely destroy democracy. The big red wave was barely a ripple. Now if we could get the last two Trump SCOTUS justices and Justice Thomas to go away, America could possibly go back to normal. Unfortunately there’s too much conservative hate out there for that to happen.

CHEERS TO THE JEERS: Regarding the unrealistic Pollyanna who finds the Jeers section petty and/or negative: Not so. I admit, I go straight to reading the Jeers because so many issues have been brought to light with awareness through succinct and descriptive writing. I frequently find myself impressed by the writer putting into words what I can’t quite verbalize. Sticking one’s head in the sand only works for ostriches, BTW.

MISSING YOU: We used to look at all of the drama in the Inlander. Now every week I hope to hear from you. I want to trust you. I will forever have you in my heart. Happy holidays bear. Our love is the club, our chemistry is the dj. Let’s dance! I’m right here.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Missing you is an understatement. I miss your smile, your touch, your shrimp Alfredo. I deeply love you and am still in love. I can’t have you, and it sucks. All I want is my Irish kisses again. With all the toppings. I’ll see you in my dreams. Brrrr.

AZAR’S: Cheers to Katy Azar for 42 years of excellent food. What else is there to say but thank you? Your wonderful restaurant will be missed. Good luck in your future endeavors.

KUDOS TO RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE: Spay, neuter, feed and protect pets and strays!

MISSING YOU: Given that I used to grab you an Inlander every week, I’m guessing that you may read this. It’s me, you can trust me. And I just want you to know that I miss and love you. I’m not looking to go back to where I was before we went our separate ways, but I never thought that you would be entirely out of my life. I’ll just hold on to the small chance that you will be single again one day and until then, please know that I love you, baby. Bye for now.

THANK YOU, NATASHA HILL: Thank you for running against CMR. I’ve never agreed with CMR’s politics but never totally disliked her till she turned into one of the Trumpanzees. I really thought she was better than that, but it’s politics so I guess not.

JUST DOING OUR JOB: Cheers to everyone who remembers that you need to turn off your car when you’re getting gas even if it’s cold outside. For everyone else, we are doing our job by telling you to turn it off.

VERY HELPFUL POLICE: A BIG thanks to the two helpful Spokane police officers who helped a clueless grandmother get the infant car seat installed in her Subaru Forester. I was outside the COPS office at Lincoln Heights the week before last when your car pulled up — and you were so pleasant and helpful — the car seat was installed within 15 minutes. THANK YOU AGAIN

WARM RESPONSE IN OUR HISTORIC NEIGHBORHOOD: Yesterday a friend and I went door to door advocating for the Historical Cannon Streetcar initiative votes. I was so impressed with the response of my neighbors. I am often reluctant to open my door to someone unfamiliar. We were greeted by everyone with smiles and warm conversations. I love this beautiful historic neighborhood and am so proud of the wonderful people that live here. Thank you to my neighbors who were so welcoming and generous with their time.

PURPLE-HAIRED LADY: My car died in the middle of the intersection on 29th and Lincoln, and you and your kiddo stopped to make sure I was OK and stayed with me so I wouldn’t be alone. I didn’t get to sincerely thank you like I wish I could have. Just in a panic, I left so quickly after that guy jumped my car. But you saved me from a breakdown, and I appreciate you so so so much! It’s people like you who make me still have hope. Your kid has someone real special raising them.

A LITTLE KINDNESS GOES A LONG WAY: Thank you again, Josh of the silver Silverado in the parking lot of the Safeway at Trent and Argonne on Oct. 24. When you took time out of your day to help get my Crosstrek battery going again, your compassion did more than help me get on my way in a warm car — it gave me a sliver of hope for humanity at a dark time. It had been a difficult and sad day, and your random act of kindness felt like a bit of grace when I most needed some.


ORE: UGLY/JEERS TO FEARS: Who had the hate-filled response to Pelosi getting attacked? I didn’t see any hate-filled responses, on the flip side, I recall a lot of laughing and full-blown cheering when Rand Paul had broken ribs. And of course, you equate this guy with Trump. This guy was a BLM supporter, trans rights, supporter of democrats. You clearly have a major case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now, the republicans use scare tactics? That’s rich. I cannot count how many times a day I would hear democrats say if you vote republican, same-sex marriage, interracial marriage, abortion, all banned. Handguns will be handed out with every fill up of gasoline, voting rights abolished. Oh, the one that never goes out of style, democracy will end as we know it! Yet I never heard how that would happen. odd Well, Washington, 30 years of failure Murray wasn’t enough. good job You reap what you sow.

BAD SHOT: Big boo hiss to the jerks forcing a pro soccer load down our throats. You helped tear down a historical place (Joe Albi Stadium) and took away business and parking spots. Not everyone wants all sports all the time. From roundabouts to soccer teams, apparently Spokane is trying to be Europe.

THEY’RE HERE! Anyone who thinks the republic was “saved” by voters who recently elected a barely Democratic Senate, get ready for a brutal reality check. Now that the House has flipped to the GOP, it will be controlled by Trump lapdog Kevin McCarthy and whipped into a frenzy by Trump Veep wanna-be Marjorie Taylor Green. Lunacy is about to be unleashed. Say goodbye to even a marginally functioning federal government. Say hello to the Barbarians at the gate.

SCOFFLAWS: Has anyone else noticed all the Spokane drivers who are driving with expired tabs? I don’t mean by a month or two, but a year or more. They apparently want to use the public streets without paying their way. We know how busy the SPD is with major crimes, so they figure they can get away with it. You need to pay your way like the rest of us! Oh, and don’t get me started on drivers who cut across parking lots who don’t want to wait a very short time to make a right turn at an intersection. ♦