Humane Society for Southwest Washington welcomes 18 rescued dogs

The Reflector

The Humane Society for Southwest Washington welcomed the arrival of 18 dogs that were rescued from Yreka, California.

On Dec 8, two volunteers from the Humane Society embarked on a six-hour drive through winter weather, crossing snowy mountain passes to pick up the transport dogs and start the journey back to Vancouver, stated a news release.

Some of the dogs included several small terrier/chihuahua mixes, a young husky mix and a pregnant dog named Tabitha.

The rescue is part of an ongoing effort to help dogs from overcrowded shelters find new homes in the Portland metro area. It was coordinated by the Humane Society for Southwest Washington, Companion Animal Protection Society and Kern County Animal Services in Southern California.

“Transports like this are common for HSSW,” stated the organization’s president, Andrea Bruno, in the release. “We’re always grateful when we can relocate animals second chance for a happy home, but it’s especially heartwarming when we can do it during the holidays.”

After the dogs arrived at the humane society and were allowed to rest, they received medical exams, vaccinations and behavioral evaluations to determine the best fit for their new homes.

Outside of a few cases of respiratory infections, which is similar to a common cold, the dogs were in overall good health, stated the release.

Some of the dogs have already been adopted, while others await their spay or neuter surgeries.

Tabitha, the pregnant dog, was given to a foster volunteer where the animal can birth her litter. Tabitha and the puppies will be adopted out later on.

“HSSW truly is a lifesaving pathway for animals and our rescue partners around the country,” Bruno stated in the release. “And while our first priority is always the people and animals right here in Southwest Washington, when we have the space and resources to help our rescue partners, we will. We’re thrilled to help these dogs find homes for the holidays.”

When available, the dogs can be viewed online at or in person at the adoption center. Location and hours of operation can be found online at