Homegrown cannabis bill introduced in Washington House | News

SPOKANE, Wash. – A bill that would make it legal for Washington adults to grow up to six cannabis plants at home is set for a public hearing in a state House committee next week.

House Bill 1614 was introduced by Democratic Rep. Shelley Kloba, and is co-sponsored by Spokane Rep. Timm Ormsby.

The bill would define anyone who possesses homegrown cannabis as an “ultimate user,” who cannot sell products of the cannabis, and is not required to get a registration.

While the bill allows limited growth of cannabis, it also introduces a number of restrictions on home growers.

Production of cannabis would not be allowed in houses used to provide early childhood education and early learning services by a family day care provider. Growers would also need to keep plants out of public view.

The bill includes punishments for growers who leave cannabis in an area where they should reasonably a person under 21 years old may gain access to it.

A public hearing in the house Regulated Substances & Gaming Committee is scheduled to take place at 8 am on Feb 2.