Greenwood road rage fight involved knife, baseball bat

Police are investigating a road rage incident involving a bat and a knife in a QFC parking lot.

Monday afternoon, in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood around 2:41 pm, police responded to an assault in the 9900 block of Holman Road NW.

According to officers, the drivers pulled into the parking lot to fight. One driver stabbed the other driver before a passenger of the stabbed driver began swinging a baseball bat.

Through the investigation, police learned the driver of a van and the driver of a Ford Mustang had a road rage altercation on Holman Road NW. Both vehicles were occupied by a man and a woman: The van driver was accompanied by his female significant other, while the Mustang driver was with his girlfriend.

The exact details of the initial road rage altercation were not completely clear, but one of the female passengers reported there was honking, and one car had been cut off and brake-checked by another.

The two drivers then pulled into the parking lot, and in the confrontation, the van driver confronted the Mustang driver and punched him in the face. The fight escalated when the Mustang driver pulled out a knife and slashed at the van driver.

The van driver’s significant other grabbed a baseball bat, got out of the van, and proceeded to hit the Mustang driver in the back with it.

Arriving officers began first aid on the van driver for his multiple knife cuts. The 47-year-old man was taken to a hospital for treatment, where he was in stable condition.

Officers will request to review possible footage from several nearby surveillance cameras that may have captured the incident, and detectives will continue investigating.

Pierce County Sheriff works to identify two burglars

Detectives with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department are asking the public for help to identify two people seen breaking into a home in South Hill.

At 4 am on Jan. 29, deputies responded to a report of a residential burglary in the 6000 block of 152nd Street E in South Hill.

A man called 911 to report two people had just broken into his neighbor’s garage. The man said his neighbor was elderly and he had installed security cameras for her and monitors them.

Man arrested twice in one month on drug and gun charges

A man, previously arrested Jan. 9 for having narcotics and a stolen gun in his car, has been arrested again with more drugs and guns in his vehicle.

During the original incident, police arrested the man for driving without a valid license and then released him from the West Precinct. The next day, officers served a warrant on his car and found narcotics and a stolen gun, giving them probable cause to arrest the 31-year-old man for offenses related to the recovered evidence.

Police began looking for the suspect, and on Jan. 25, an officer in the 4400 block of Aurora Avenue N spotted him getting out of a vehicle. Police arrested him for the contraband found in his car on Jan. 10 and booked him into King County Jail.

Once again, officers seized the car the man was driving and applied for a search warrant. After a judge approved the warrant, officers searched the car on Jan. 28. They found: 695.4 grams of methamphetamine, 226.7 grams of powdered fentanyl, 189.9 grams of fentanyl pills, 33.8 grams of heroin, 9.9 grams of crack cocaine, and 23.8 grams of cocaine alongside a sawed-off rifle with no serial and a stolen pistol.

Based on the evidence recovered from the vehicle, detectives are requesting similar charges to the first incident: Possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute, possession of a stolen firearm, possession of an unlawful firearm, and unlawful possession of a firearm because he is a convicted felon.

Seattle detectives investigating burned body found in tent

Detectives are investigating a man found dead in a burning tent Monday morning on Alaskan Way S.

At 11:01 am, police responded with Seattle Fire Department firefighters to a fire at two tents in an encampment near the intersection of Alaskan Way S and S Dearborn Street. As firefighters worked to extinguish the fire, they discovered a deceased man inside one of the tents.

SFD’s fire marshal and members of SPD’s arson bomb squad responded to the scene.

Based on preliminary information, detectives are not investigating this death as a homicide at this time.

Seattle police arrest woman in DUI crash

Seattle police responded to a collision involving two vehicles with possible injuries near the intersection of 1st Avenue S and S Mead Street, where one person was reportedly lying in the street and another with a head injury.

At approximately 9 am, officers arrived and spoke with a witness who was driving behind the suspect vehicle at the time of the collision. The witness reported the suspect vehicle struck a parked vehicle with an occupant in the front passenger area.

The 69-year-old male victim, who was in the front passenger door area of ​​the parked vehicle, sustained a cut to his head and a severe hand injury. Seattle Fire Department personnel provided medical aid to those injured from the collision.

The male victim was later transported to Harborview Medical Center for further medical assistance.

The victim’s vehicle was parked on the shoulder of the roadway, but the impact of the collision caused the vehicle to move almost perpendicular to its original location.

When police spoke with the 36-year-old female suspect, police observed signs of impairment and evidence of drug paraphernalia in the female suspect’s vehicle.

The female suspect was arrested for vehicular assault and driving while under the influence. Prior to being booked into King County Jail, officers executed a blood warrant.