Flyers who goalkeeping for a strength, break lines and emerge unexpectedly – The Athletic

For the first time since 2019, the Philadelphia Flyers went on a road trip to western Canada. If the results of their first two stops are any indication, you certainly missed the hike.

Suddenly, an “OK” home – as a frustrated captain Claude Giroux called it last Saturday – feels like a distant memory. This happens when a team sweeps one street in a row, defeats an opponent that has yet to be defeated in the front and avenges a defeat at the start of the season at the back. Both the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks fell through the now 4-1-1 Flyers who are currently third in the Metropolitan Division due to the surge this week.

Do the flyers find out things sooner than expected? Let’s break down the trip so far.

1. Road trip already a success

An undefeated opponent with the best player in the world at the top of his game. One of only two clubs that the Flyers have beaten once this season. And a team that has just won four times in a row against Metropolitan Division clubs – all on the street.

Yes, that was a cautious difficult road trip for the Flyers. And now, thanks to the Wednesday / Thursday sequence, it’s already a success.

Of course, that’s not to say that the Calgary Flames fight on Saturday night is meaningless. A win would mean a perfect trip and a 5-1-1 record that would put the Flyers right on the heels of Washington and Carolina (the division’s two current leaders).

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