Everett Simpson Request For Release Denied By Court | Local News

The accused Northeastern Kingdom kidnapper Everett A. Simpson recently attempted to be released from federal custody.

However, the US District Court judge William K. Sessions III denied this request.

Simpson, 41, is currently on charges of kidnapping and theft of motor vehicles after he was accused of kidnapping 23-year-old Celia Roessler and her young child at a New Hampshire mall in January 2019. Simpson pleaded guilty to the charges in the US District Court in Burlington. Roessler decided in a statement from her lawyers to identify himself publicly.

Simpson, on trial, was released from a Vermont prison to attend a drug treatment program in Bradford when he allegedly escaped to New Hampshire in a stolen car and kidnapped Roessler.

In December 2020, Simpson told the court that he had taken control of his drug addiction behind bars and asked the court to release him so he could better prepare for his trial.

“In the nearly two years since the court’s first review of detention, Mr. Simpson has been insubstantial, not due to his incarceration (as substances are available in prison) but rather to his dedicated efforts to address substance abuse,” wrote Simpson’s defense attorney Deven McLaughlin, Esq, in his request for release.

“Mr. Simpson enrolled in the Vermont Correctional Addiction Program (VCAP) while in prison. As part of the program, he underwent over 20 random drug tests, all of which came back clean. The coronavirus pandemic closed the VCAP program, but Mr. Simpson failed maintained his sobriety without his assistance and has demonstrated control over his addiction, ”wrote McLaughlin

Attorney McLaughlin also noted Simpson’s record of good behavior behind bars.

“Mr. Simpson can tell the court that he has gone through the last 23 months of incarceration without a single disciplinary report,” wrote McLaughlin. “Nothing special. Nothing short of it. This is not an easy task in a prison setting. It is especially difficult when Mr. Simpson himself has been subjected to repeated physical abuse, assault and injuries by inmates and prison staff. He did not return the favor. “

However, the court denied the request.

“Simpson has multiple convictions with sentences exceeding 25 years,” Judge Sessions wrote in its January 21 ruling. “He cites his progress on drug abuse issues, but the government notes that he allegedly committed his current crimes.” during the stay in a treatment facility ordered by the court. “

Simpson had been held in custody for months on bail for US $ 20,000 after failing to convince himself of multiple incidents related to an incident in which he allegedly assaulted two state troops after a high-speed hunt when they tried to arrest him had pleaded guilty. One of the soldiers suffered a broken hand in the alleged incident, according to court records.