DiDomenico Secures $2 Million for Early Intervention Programs – Everett Independent

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Senator DiDomenico is proud to announce the acceptance of Amendment No. 254, which provides a $ 2 million reserve for early intervention (EI) providers. Early intervention programs are intended for children up to the age of three who have or are at risk of developmental retardation. The offers of such programs are intended to support families and carers and to promote the development of infants and toddlers through individual, development-appropriate activities in the everyday life of the child and the family.

This targeted $ 2 million investment is helping EI programs by providing immediate funding to address the workforce crisis and unreimbursed costs related to labor shortages. Funding is distributed based on the number of children cared for by each provider, so EI programs that serve more children receive more funding for their staffing needs. In summary, this change will bring immediate relief to the 59 early intervention programs in Massachusetts by helping providers stabilize their workforce and begin rebuilding to support vital services for children and families across the Commonwealth.

Senator DiDomenico.

“Early intervention has been one of my top priorities since I entered the legislature,” said Senator DiDomenico. “Early intervention is an important service that the Commonwealth provides to 40,000 children across the state and over 1,000 families in my district alone. Through the four EI programs in my district, I have seen their effectiveness and the tremendous difference they have made in the lives of children who need extra help early in life. I sincerely hope that this additional $ 2 million will go a long way in supporting our incredible EI providers and families. “

This change was part of a $ 3.82 billion bill that prioritized the 10 disproportionate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using this framework, the bill provides targeted, transformative support to critical sectors such as healthcare, mental and behavioral health, housing security, the environment and human resource development.

The Senate version of a COVID-19 Immediate Recovery Act now needs to be brought into line with a similar version by the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

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