Did you know? Bob Arum of Top Rank offered some Female pioneer boxers a one-year contract for three fights in 1977?

(AUG 5, 2022) Many of you may not be aware of this—but Bob Arum of Top Rank tried to offer some of us Pioneer female boxers a one-year boxing contract of three fights in 1977…..WBAN would like to share this rare document with the boxing community.

The contract that was offered was a one-year contract, with the first fight being $4,000, second fight 5,000, and third fight $6,000. But like all things happening in the sport especially in the past it never ended up materializing.

He actually took a brief moment of interest in women’s boxing in the mid 1970’s.

I have attached a contract that I got from a boxing collection from the “Father of Women’s Boxing” Bill Dickson.

Many years ago and about a year before he passed away, Dickson came up to where I lived in Vancouver, Washington with four boxes of records from when he worked out of the Hyatt House in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

He didn’t want the records that housed extensive historical data of women’s boxing and men’s boxing to end up being destroyed. The records are now in the WBAN Archive Collection.

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