Dad, sister of north Spokane fatal hit-and-run victim hand out flyers, plead for witnesses to come forward | Help Me Hayley

SPOKANE, Wash. It has been nearly two weeks since a 42-year-old woman was hit and killed by a driver who fled the scene. Spokane Police responded to the area near Everett and Ash and stayed there for hours searching for clues. Despite those efforts, the responsible driver has not yet been identified.

“We are continuing to ask for the public’s assistance to find the person responsible for this crime,” said Cpl. Nick Briggs. “(We hope to bring) some closure to the family and hold this person accountable for their actions.”

They are urging neighbors to see if they can help.

“If you have security camera footage of Ash and Everett and haven’t yet spoken with investigators, please review that footage specifically between midnight on July 5 and 2:30 that morning,” Briggs said.

The victim was identified by her father and sister as Cassandra Bahzad. Her family wants it known that she was a good, loving person.

“They just hit her and left her like she was nothing,” Cassandra’s father Greg Bartch told KHQ. “I mean, if I hit a dog or cat, I’d pull over. They just kept going.”

Cassandra was known for her ability to befriend any and every one, whether they were nine or 99.

“She loved people,” Kayla said. “She was so warm. She had a way with people no matter who, or their ageshe made everyone feel loved and important.”

And no one felt that more than her family. Which is why they are putting everything they have into fighting to get justice for Cassandra.

“I just can’t believe someone hit my daughter and then, like it didn’t matter, just left,” Greg said. “They just kept on driving.”

The family has learned a 911 call came in reporting Cassandra’s body in the roadway at approximately 2:20 on the morning on July 5. Some family members, including Kayla and Greg, were celebrating the Fourth of July holiday weekend out of town and didn’t t hear the horrific news until they returned. They were told Cassandra was likely killed instantly when she was hit.

“It’s a terrible, horrific way to die,” Greg said.

Physical evidence has been extremely difficult to come by. They say while there was glass at the scene, there was little else to even help them narrow down what kind of vehicle police should be searching for.

Greg and Kayla say the location where Cassandra was hit was less than two blocks from the family home. It was in an area she loved and knew well. Now, the location is a painful reminder of just how awful people can be to one another.

“I don’t know how (whoever did this) can sleep,” Greg said.

This family sure isn’t, and instead, they’re channeling all of their energy and grief into action.

“We walked down all (of those streets near the crash site)… walked the neighborhood talking to (potential witnesses,)” explained Greg.

They asked them personally to check any security cameras for helpful footage, and to also think back to that night to see if they saw or heard something relevant. Greg and Kayla are also passing out flyers they created with a large photo of Cassandra and details on the case.

“We are going to post them at every gas station, super market, everywhere we can,” Greg said. “Somebody out there knows something.”

Both Greg and Kayla say they know nothing will bring back their beloved Cassandra, but getting answers about what happened would provide some level of peace.

“When someone passes, all you want is to remember or picture their smiling face, but all I can picture of my sister now is her left lying in the road,” Kayla said. “Maybe by finding this information, maybe I can start picturing something different.”

The family is finalizing details of a cash reward for whoever can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible driver.

If you can help in any way, please call Detective Paul Taylor at 509.835.4566 and reference case number 2022-20114426.