City of Center Point hosts tree-planting ceremonies in honor of teacher Connie Everett

From Faith Callens

CENTER POINT – April 22, 2021 was not just Earth Day, it was a special day that the faculty and students at Center Point will remember forever.

Two tree-planting ceremonies were held at Erwin Middle School and Center Point High School in honor of Ms. Connie Everett, who worked in the schools.

Everett died on March 12, 2021 after losing the battle to throat and lung cancer.

One of Everett’s former students, Octavious Pierce, took matters into his own hands after learning of her death. He went to town hall and spoke to Mayor Bobby Scott. In Everett’s honor, they jointly organized a tree-planting ceremony and dedication service.

Connie Everett.

The tree-planting ceremony consisted of planting a red-leaved tree and a plaque that Everett recognized as a real eagle in the community.

“It took me two weeks planning this, and I came and spoke to the headmistress to see if she’d agree. I spoke to Everett’s daughters and the family and they spread the word,” Pierce said. “I also went to Facebook and to schools.”

Everett was with the Center Point City School System for 22 years, switching between Center Point Elementary School, Erwin Middle School, and Center Point High School.

Center Point High School principal Van Phillips stated that the tree planting ceremony should not only be a reminder of Everett, but also be a reminder for the community to care for the earth. Phillips also encouraged students that the tree planted for Everett will act as a growth marker.

“We have to take care of our ecosystem and our trees,” said Phillips. “This tree is planted today in memory of Mrs. Connie Everett. This tree will grow when you all mature and enroll at Center Point High School. This tree is intended to remind you that you play a role in our environment and that you have a role to play in being kind and gentle with those around you, fellow human beings or women. “

Photo: Faith Callens.

Center Point High School students and some of the Center Point townspeople worked together to plant the tree in the ground and place Everett’s markers so it was easily visible.

The first tree was planted in front of Erwin Middle School behind the school’s brick shield, and the second tree was planted by the Center Point High School auditorium to the left of the school.

The students and faculty at Center Point High School and Erwin Middle School said she really is missed and will always be part of the Center Point City School system.

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