Blake & Everett’s Bond May Go Beyond the Supernatural

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While Blake and Everett’s supernatural bond is the focus of Wolf Pack’s premiere, the series also establishes the possibility of a true friendship.

Blake and Everett's Wolf Pack Connection May be More Than Supernatural

The following article contains spoilers for Wolf Pack, Season 1, Episode 1, “From a Spark to a Flame,” streaming now on Paramount+.

In the series premiere of Wolf Pack, Everett Lang and Blake Navarro both are attacked by a werewolf in the chaos of a wildfire. While this attack transforms them into werewolves, they also seem to have become supernaturally connected. This new bond includes experiencing shared visions as they try to evade the werewolf trying to kill them both before the next full moon.

While Wolf Pack is a supernatural mystery series, creator Jeff Davis has stated that he wants to use the show to explore real world issues that teenagers face. This dual focus on the supernatural and teen issues could be further explored through Everett and Blake’s bond. While their supernatural connection might be the start of their friendship, they also have enough common struggles to strengthen that bond into a true friendship.

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Everett & Blake’s Supernatural Bond May Save Them From Wolf Pack’s Villain

In the motel mirror, Blake sees Everett and his parents at the hospital on Wolf Pack

Everett and Blake’s supernatural connection starts during the chaos of the stampede. After the werewolf attacks Everett, Blake saves him from an oncoming vehicle. However, in the process, she gets asked, too. While they run off in different directions, they have multiple shared visions that might provide clues to their attacker’s identity and also help provide them with comfort as they navigate their new lycanthropy.

Their first vision occurs when they are both unconscious, Everett at the hospital, and Blake in the car with her father and her brother Danny. In this vision, they see themselves attacking each other while slightly transformed, with far sharper teeth than they had before. While this violent vision is shocking to them, it may reflect their werewolf attacker’s rage and rampage. The vision could also be a warning to both Blake and Everett of who they could become if they do not learn to control their lycanthropy.

In the second vision, Blake collapses in the motel bathroom. While on the floor, she looks up into the mirror and sees Everett in the hospital looking back at her. Blake and Everett’s ability to see each other even when they’re separated could be a useful ability in the future, especially if they are separated and one of them is in danger. Overall, their supernatural psychic connection could provide them both with the tools to learn more about their attacker and to be able to survive until after the next full moon.

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How Blake & Everett’s Bond Could Evolve Into a True Friendship

Everett and Blake are currently psychically connected, but they also have the potential foundation for a true bond separate from their lycanthropy. Both of them are outsiders at school. Everett is an outsider due to his shyness and his struggles with anxiety. Blake chooses to live off the grid without a cell phone — a choice that is possibly connected to her falling out with her friends before the series began.

Blake and Everett also are both dealing with parents who are failing them. In Blake’s case, her parents have recently gone through an acrimonious divorce. In the fallout, she essentially has to raise herself and take care of her brother Danny, protecting him from her parents’ fighting. Whenever disaster occurs, her first thoughts are geared toward how it will affect Danny, ignoring her own horror and trauma. In contrast, Everett’s parents are strict and seem dismissive of his anxiety. Instead, his mother in particular acts as if his anxiety is a burden and is highly judgmental of the strategies that he has developed to cope. Thus, while Blake and Everett’s family problems have different origins, they both are connected because their parents are failing to provide them with the support they need.

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Blake and Everett use Lion's Breath breathing techniques in Wolf Pack

The scene that highlights Blake and Everett’s possibility for friendship occurs after the werewolf attacks them at Blake’s burned house. Once they run away, Blake starts to panic, in part because she cannot sublimate her fears. Everett’s therapy has taught him more coping strategies that actually make him better equipped to handle the supernatural horror. He guides her through Lion’s Breath breathing, making her laugh and helping her to calm down and avert a panic attack. While this scene is one of the episode’s quieter moments, it also is one of the most important in showing how Everett and Blake can support each other moving forward.

Therefore, Everett and Blake’s new supernatural connection is the main focus of Wolf Pack’s premiere. However, the episode also establishes how they could support each other outside their newfound lycanthropy. As the werewolf continues to stalk them, they will have to rely on each other and their new pack members Harlan and Luna Briggs to confront the supernatural danger that lies ahead.

New episodes of Wolf Pack stream Thursdays on Paramount+.