Artist RRealCamChambers’ Finished Debut Album, “Genesis To Revelations,” Drops 10/1/22

Longview, WA, September 19, 2022 –(– “Genesis To Revelations,” Set to release on 10/1/22, is the latest album to look out for. Cameron describes it as, “My best work yet.” Stating, “In 2022, I surrendered to Jesus Christ and have not looked back.” When asked about his goals for the album: “My ultimate goal was to make worship songs that felt like you were praying.” When he was 16, he decided to move from Wenatchee, Washington to Portland, Oregon. “Portland was a culture shock to me, riding the max, seeing all the different people.” He learned the ins and outs of the industry real quick and started shows frequently in 2008. He mentions, “When I started my career I was putting out tons of music with no real meaning. It’s when I found God, that’s when the real music started to happen.”

His new album is produced by billboard charting producer Freek Van Workum.
The whole album was recorded at the Famous Eleven Studios in Vancouver, Washington. The engineer, Zach, mixed and mastered the whole album. He hopes that when people listen to the album, they come to know Jesus Christ.

When asked his expectations for the album, he mentions, “God knows my heart and will bless this album fully.” He plans to donate half of his album sales to faith-based charities.