7 charming Washington small towns worth a fall road trip

What’s the best time to check out Washington’s small towns? Case!

In the fall, it’s less busy than in the summer. Plus, you can catch the leaves changing, and you’ll have way more room to roam on the roads and trails of Washington State.

Whether you’re looking to explore a Victorian seaside town or go apple picking and have a Hallmark movie moment of your own, you’ll find a cute town on this list you’ll want to see as soon as summer’s over.

Best Washington small towns in the fall

1. Leavenworth

Famous for its Oktoberfest celebrations, this quaint Bavarian village by Washington’s Cascade Mountains makes a great place to spend a night (or two) on a road trip.

2. Sequime

Seaside Sequim is renowned for its lavender and in the fall, this place has all the small-town charm you can handle. Plus, you can check out nearby Port Angeles – where there’s a direct ferry to Victoria, BC, for more road trip ideas.

3. Oroville

Find this hidden gem of a small town on the US shores of Lake Okanagan. It’s just a 15-minute drive away from Osoyoos.

4. Forks

You don’t have to be a Twilight fan to enjoy a trip to Forks. This remote and quaint town is close to the old-growth forests in Olympic National Park and it’s an ideal base for doing things outside this fall.

5. Friday Harbour

On the San Juan Islands, taking the ferry to Friday Harbor is a romantic fall getaway. Walk the historic seaport and watch from beneath the changing leaves as the sun sets over the sea.

6. La Conner

Whether you go apple picking or searching for the perfect pumpkin, fall in cozy La Conner is its own kind of magic. Plus, it’s just a two-hour drive away, so it’s possible to do as a quick day trip.

7. Port Townsend

You’ll find abundant Victorian architecture in Port Townsend, making it feel like you’ve stepped back in time in this quaint small town.