40 Pictures Of Squirrels Doing Cute Squirrel Stuff

Kääpä continued about his squirrel photography origins:

“One day as I was leaving the place, I walked along a stream and on the other side I saw a squirrel with half an ear, I didn’t recognize her, but I shouted out ‘hey, come here!'”

“To my surprise, she did! We took photos for half an hour and then went on our separate ways. As time went by our friendship has deepened and now when she sees me, she runs up my leg to recieve her nut. Or if I sit with my back to her, she will gently tap her paws on my back to let me know she’s there.”

All this happened a few years back. Kääpä suspected the squirrel was a year old back then, when they usually live around 3 years in the wild, and could even live twice as long in captivity. But much to her surprised, Kääpä saw her the day of this article:

“I saw her today, actually, and we made a number of short reels together. I’m always so grateful whenever I see her, thankful she is still alive. I almost can’t imagine life without her and yet very soon I will have to.”