16-year-old holds a drive for needs of women and single moms

Ten hours of service were required on the final leg of the three-year confirmation journey.

“This year was a little different because of a lack of opportunity within the Church, but Dad came to me with information about the True Worship Christian Fellowship Church,” Rachel said.

The expressed need fit perfectly with Rachel’s support for women’s issues and rights that coincided with her service hours.

The student reached out to family, friends and classmates and asked for donations on her Instagram page, which included a link to Amazon’s wish list.

Rachel and two of her friends have assembled approximately 150 one-gallon baggie kits (one week supply) of women’s products and clean towels. Fifty-seven diaper packs were included in their ride for the single parishioners and homeless people the Church serves.

In connection with her Catholic endorsement, Rachel Everett hosted a charity drive aimed at family, friends, classmates, and Instagram followers. Together with two of her friends, about 150 kits were put together last Sunday to make a donation to Rev. Dawkins. (LR: Gabrielle Welch, Ella Toth and Rachel Everett).

Credit: Contributed

Credit: Contributed

Early last Sunday before the service, Rachel presented the donations to Rev. Dawkins of TWCFC.

“Rachel’s donation and service to the less fortunate and homeless is a true example of love for others,” Rev. Clifton E. Dawkins reported in a text.

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