100 years ago in Spokane: One of the McDonald sisters was promoted when she appeared in court after she was found in Mexico

A judge called out Fay McDonald’s name three times in a Spokane courtroom. As expected, no one reacted.

So the judge stated that one of the notorious McDonald’s siblings, Fay, had forfeited her $ 2,000 bail. As a result, an arrest warrant was issued against her.

This came as no surprise as a Spokane detective had just returned from Tampico, Mexico, where he found Fay McDonald in a dance hall. He tried to arrest her and bring her back to Spokane, but her friends prevented him and she was instead held by Mexican authorities.

There was no possibility of extradition, but her Bond attorney told the court he was ready to return and serve her at Walla Walla for three years on her conviction of forgery. He said the same thing about Marie McDonald, who also disappeared after being convicted of forgery. The lawyer said Fay was not happy with her living conditions in Mexico.

“The Walla Walla prison is a palace compared to most other places I’ve seen in Mexico,” said the bond’s attorneys.

From the education stroke: WJ Sanders, an English teacher at North Central High School, wrote a column in support of American Speech Week.

He wanted to draw attention to the “five cardinal virtues of good speech: correct pronunciation, clear pronunciation, effective sentence structure, correct grammar and good diction or choice of words”.

Indiscriminate use of slang, he wrote, “adds a touch of vulgarity to anything you say”.

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